Dragon King Legacy

I Wish for a Star

Log 48

The Phylactery looked very evil on reflection that the group ignored it, Taklinn found a secret door which led to a room which gave everyone a cold sense of dread, an Obsidian Skull was within and although it looked valuable no-one wanted to pick it up so they backtracked and tried the other door on the other side of the bridge.

They found a metal statue which raised its fists but nothing more, Taklinn tried to have a chat with it in case it did anything but it was just a statue. Going around the corner they found a door a skeleton crumpled on the floor and a massive Statue standing over it with blades for hands, Lyari & Taklinn immediately warned everyone this was a Golem.

Taklinn and Khaine moved forward a little ways and used a grappling hook on the skeleton as it looked to have some nice bits of loot on it, the Golem moved it's arms a little but did not move otherwise.

With the skeleton looted Khaine took a few more steps into the room and the Golem charged! Khaine shadow stepped out of the way, leaving Taklinn to bear the brunt of the attack, the group were treated to a massive gush of his blood. Kalam struck the thing but realised it was very armoured against most forms of attack , Beorn used Stone Shape to hold the Golem immobile while the group made a hasty retreat.

Lyari teleported up to the next level, while Beorn fetched Ragnar & Grylls and used Air Walk The golem strode onto the bridge and watched them walk upwards.

A series of doors were on this level, one of which was open, Taklinn healed his wounds and others that had been taken in the group, and proceeded down the corridor beyond the door.

Khaine checked the door finding nothing, Lyari backtracked and kept a watch in case the Golem had some means of ascending to this level. Taklinn cast Detect Magic as Khaine finished his checks and could detect something magical and very powerful from behind the door and tried to stop Khaine from opening the door! He was quick but Khaine was quicker, there was a silent whomp and Beorn found himself alone, everyone had disappeared he called Lyari through to the room beyond and found a Star Pendant floating in the middle of the room.


Taklinn and the others looked around, they were on a star shaped plateau which was fairly big but everywhere was full of stars felt cool and there was flames in the middle of the plateau which gave off no heat.

Touching the flames revealed a large blue Dragon who said she was delighted to have new playthings for all eternity. Khaine tried to sidestepped the Dragon using his wit, unfortunate for him she wanted him to dance by electrocuting him and started to fly around to torment them.

In the Real World…..

Lyari and Beorn tried putting it on, smashing it and examining it to no avail, it had the words 'Darkstar' on the back, but they had no idea what to do, Beorn at one point tried to nibble on it causing him to drool. They needed help, Lyari started focusing his mind ready for the long teleport to get it…….

On the Plateau….

The group found this was was a very small place, the ground had shook at one point causing some of them to fall off the edge only to find themselves falling back onto the plateau, they also saw to their vague horror some sort of liquid cover the high heavens above them but did not rain. Khaine started to have a rummage around the bag of holding and found a ring he never seen before, instantly he was brought to the ground by Ragnar, after an argument he was told this was the Ring of Wish they had 'acquired' from the Pactlords sometime ago and had not wanted to use it it unless for emergencies, Khaine pointed out this was quite the emergency right now.

After a bit of discussion Ragnar agreed to use the ring of wish to escape this place and kill the dragon in the process, the Wish began….

In the Real World…..

Lyari & Beorn stopped what they were doing, Beorn had the Pendant on and it had flipped over to the side with the writing on and started to flash up the letter in order and they flashed th word multiple times. Beorn thought; lets give it a try and said 'Darkstar'.

Suddenly there was a whomp and everyone appeared with a dead blue Dragon and a ring which turned to dust in Ragnar's hands. They cut up the Dragon for possible armour later.

Lyari looked at the pendant and said could he have it, Beorn did not see why not and Ragnar could sense no evil from it, so Beorn went to take it off, but found he could not.

Maybe I should say the word again someone suggested so Beorn said 'Darkstar' then he said following it, ' Oh sh-'. There was a whomp and Taklinn found himself in an empty room with a clink the pendant hit the ground.

Back on the Plateau

'-it' Beorn realised his mistake too late he quickly looked around and had some relief that Taklinn was not with them.

Back in the Room

Taklinn picked up the Pendant, put it on and said, 'Darkstar'. There was a whomp and everyone was back in the room again, Taklinn tried but could not take the pendant off.

Still as everyone picked themselves up, it could of been worse….



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