Dragon King Legacy

I spy something beginning with M and ending in assacre

Log 53

The group thought about the plan, looked at themselves and decided to shelve the plan for the moment. They were needed to track down the Church delvers and had nothing to do with running away from fate.

With this in mind the group went through the mundane areas, they knew that the Delvers were opening any vault they came across no matter what lurked behind the doors.

Khaine came across a door that looked a bit battered but still held, Mungo had tried unsuccessfully to pick the the lock of the door last time but Khaine knew his trade and had the door open within a few seconds, Ragnar opened the door to find some skinless zombies/ghouls within, the battle was short and brutally one sided but nothing of value was within the room.

The group continued on and found some tracks which Beorn followed to a scene of brutal carnage; limbs, various body parts and torn armour were present in the room, the sight was so disturbing a few of the group vomited and passed out.

Examining the bodies reveal a gruesome fight took place here with many of bodies showing signs of being raped both when alive and dead. There were eight opened pods overhead and Lyari knew where they were, Dread Bone Devils, he told the group what horror happened here and the group were thankful they did not open this room.

Beorn used a Flaming Sphere to incinerate the bodies, only realising they were the Church Delvers when a holy symbol was revealed, still better them rest in peace, than be brought back and relive the nightmare they went through…..

Several doors had been tried but none were open, whether the Church delvers were responsible or someone else, remained to be seen.

The group re-entered a room they had not been able to traverse as Dench proved to be very 'inept' with disarming of traps, the group had slippers of spider climbing and walked around the traps.

The found a suit of possessed armour that wanted to be banished but only if the agreed to do it in a certain way, in exchange information would be passed to them, the group reluctantly agreed and banished him gaining a restored armour in the process in addition to the information and warnings.

The group carried on finding the evil Cleric in the chapel, but without his bodyguards he was easy to deal with and while they could not destroy him, they at least got him out of their way.

Ragnar could hear heavy breathing around the next corner and Khaine had a peek. A very large silver dragon was in the warding generator room and it looked distracted, since they had heard from Lyari that Metallic dragons were good, they thought making their introductions were needed, with that they strolled round the corner….



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