Dragon King Legacy

I AM THE MASTER! (In a high pitched voice)

Log 47

The party fought the Vrock which cackled madly and just when they got the upper hand he disappeared screaming; 'I SHALL RETURN, THE MASTER WILL KILL YOU!'

Thinking the combat was over for now the group started debating how to reach the above level. 10 minutes after the debate turned into an argument, the Vrock appeared taking a gouge out of Taklinn and screamed; 'THE MASTER WILL KILL YOU NOW! KILL YOU NOW!'

The Vrock had healed himself and they alas had not……

Everyone stormed into melee range except for Beorn & Lyari, which conjured up some magic only to be hit from behind…..it was the Blue Troll, only this time it was bigger!

After a while the Vrock set his sights on Ragnar which was cutting through it's demonic protection and aimed to slay the paladin. Kalam changed course and confronted the Troll, allowing Beorn and Lyari to rake it with fire spells, with Kalam's help they were able to disable it enough to focus on the Vrock.

Then Lyari found himself out of offensive spells, knowing the crossbow would be useless, he drew the Rod of Wonder he knew the effects were random but here was a target that face the wrath of this rod, so his first cast cause some surprise when Vrock got BIGGER!

'SEE I AM THE MASTER!' shrieked the Vrock before smashing Ragnar around, Lyari cast again, this time a fireball erupted out and did more damage to the group around the Vrock.

Not that the group noticed since they now had a massive Vrock to contend with which was at last felled by Ragnar. 'NNNNNOOOOOO……….' cried out the Vrock as it fell.

Lyari tried one final cast of the Rod which caused the area to be filled with heavy rain…..

The group immediately healed with a few unreadable glances in Lyari's direction while Kalam beheaded the troll.

The group decided now would be a good time to rest and prepare spell for the long climb up.

After they rested they did just that, leaving Ragnar and Grylls behind for the time being they ascended up to the first level and started exploring the area finding two open doors.

The first door revealed the Vrocks nest which stank to the abyss and back again, and a corridor which led to an ordinary room, Khaine immediately knew something was amiss finding a lot of traps, and Taklinn warned that the door to the next room was magic and something beyond was as well. Khaine shrugged and pushed the door open feeling a bit stiff while do so but shook it off.

Before them was a Phylactery and it looked evil and valuable and Khaine pointed out there was no Ragnar around to stop them……



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