Dragon King Legacy

Hostile Reception

Log 6

Ragnar could sense evil beyond the purple light ahead and warned the group, since their arcane & divine support was a little low, they retreated and rested in the former Kobold sniper post.

The visions of weird things were getting more intense the further they into the cave complex and then they step into the purple light. A room was revealed with lots of statue acting as columns, as Marcus & Ragnar headed towards the rooms they were attacked by Lemures! The Lemures were dispatched quickly but they left a bitter taste in Ragnars' mouth Devils were present here, they needed to go further and purge this evil.

The walls and floors were made of some kind of black tar material which made the skin crawl touching it, the place radiated evil like a rock band, splashing blessed Ale on the floor (Taklinn had no water on him) made the ale froth and fizz.

Marcus open the door to the next room which was similar to the first and then detected movement behind the next door, but before they could open the door, the door burst outwards!

Kobolds and a Lemure attacked the group many wounds were sustained but the valiant singing of Wilbury pulled the group through and they were triumphant!

Marcus spent time in here with some of the others looking around the shelves (the room was a library) and found some scrolls, Taklinn had a kip to regain the spells he had used to keep everyone alive and the group proceeded on.

The next door led to a massive garden of sorts, completely dead and overgrown with large thickets of thorny brush. Marcus set the plants on fire hoping to turn them to ash, alas what was seeping into the plants had infused them with something as while they caught fire, they did not appear to be consumed, but by the light of the fire they could see a tower in the middle of the garden.

Group decided to back track and do other thing while the fire burned itself out and tried another door which led to a corridor with another door, opening the door revealed a large amount of Kobolds along with a large amount of javelins that were thrown at Grok. The party leapt in action, it seemed that the Kobolds wre examining some curtains which hung at some points in the room, the group changed into the room. Unfortunately for Grok the floor was wet when Taklinn tried to exorcize  it with blessed water. Grok was very annoyed . Marcus had managed to find a powerful wand in the library and used it on the Kobolds nearest to him which beside killing them, also vaporized the curtains and revealed a mass of fire which singed his eyebrows as he dodged back to avoid a gout of flame.

The fight continues, next time….



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