Dragon King Legacy

Hop, Skip, Jump.....Die

Log 24

The group saw a door with weird runes on it, Lyari cast his eye over it and could see it was warded but could not tell for what purpose, Ragnar indicated he could sense four sources of evil on the other side, with that Mungo tried and tried again to pick the lock which seemed so simple yet could not and decided to leave the door alone for another day and the group proceeded on finding a big pit with chains dangling down into it.

Lyari's owl however had been sitting sentry over the hall with the big door and linked with his master that he could not see anything, but could hear a group approaching. Lyari commanded his owl to relocate in oder to better see what it was. The owl saw a group of humanoid monsters; a few Goblins, two Lamias and a Minotaur, and the goblins started shooting the owl with their bows as soon as they saw it, the group burst onto the balcony while Mungo and Lyari took a detour to gain a flanking maneuver.

Everyone was about to let fly when one of the Lamias threw a bottled Whirlwind into their midst, the owl was battered to the ground where it lay un-moving Taklinn was pressed against the wall and Ragnar was picked up and thrown around hitting anything solid.

Grok jumped from the balcony and took up his fighting stance which promptly failed when the Minotaur almost cleaved Grok's head off, Grok was down and in a bad way.

With concentrated arrow fire from Lyari, Mungo & Kielder they managed to take out the remaining Goblins and one of the Lamias. Ragnar managed to find solid ground just in time to see Taklinn heal the owl and then got a Lamia's Suggestion to hit Kielder which he did much to Kielder & Taklinn's surprise.

Ragnar & Kielder took out the last Lamia while everyone else with the aid of a Paladin which had emerged from another room, the Minotaur.

The group raced to Grok's side but found he was dead.

The paladin introduced himself as Kalecerant, the paladin they were to find!

Picking up their dead, they returned to the city and Grok rose again by the will of the Clerics, in the period of his death, Grok had seen the light of his calling and thanked the group and wished them well on there adventures and set off to find his monk order.

Meanwhile the group had been introduced to the elders of the Lothian church which paid them and bade them to find out more of what was below and one of them gave a scroll of Legend Lore to cast next to the door to see if there was some other way of bypassing the big door.

After resting for a bit, toasting to the memory of their departed comrade and a bit of shopping, they gathered themselves to go down to the Banewarrens again, to explore further and to use the scroll.



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