Dragon King Legacy

Heth, Interrupted

Log 32

The group make their way up the tower and interrogated the halfling finding out he was not allowed past the 2nd level for some reason. Various bedchambers were found on the first floor, however the group could hear heavy breathing on the next floor, Kalam took a peek and saw a large lizard looking at him, he felt all stiff and ducked back down. He described it to the group which Lyari recognised….Basilisk.

The group started to discuss how to bypass it upstairs without being turned into stone, eventually Lyari hit on the idea of turning someone invisible with one of their empty backpacks and stick it on its head. Kalam volunteered and snuck upstairs keeping his eyes away from where the Basilisk was and stuck the backpack on its head, and smacked a stunning fist over its head for good measure. The group moved up and led the beast into a nearby room and closed the door, wedging a piton so the door could not be easily opened.

Then they heard groaning and mumblings from the next room, finding a man bound up, after a bit of questioning the group thought something was hinky and they were proved right when it turned into a Dark Nage and fled up the stairs without anyone getting a hit in!

The next floor had two rooms which were inspected but nothing much could be seen and continued up to the top floor.

The Dark Naga, a Bugbear and Brother Heth were waiting for them, the Paladin Kalecerant was laid on a nearby table unconscious and hooked up to some sort of device.

Brother Heth spoke to the group that they should of done what was needed in the Banewarrens but no matter, he would finish them here.

The group went into battle, the Dark Naga fell quickly with the Bugbear to follow, Heth was hard to hit and was doing a lot of damage to anyone that got near him, until Beorn summoned a Grizzly bear that grabbed him and held him still for every blow the party could spare.

At last Heth fell and Kalecerant was released, a Portal was discovered and a talking evil dagger. What will the group decide next?



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