Dragon King Legacy

Held to Ransom

Log 30

The Lion continued its battle aided with Magic from Lyari which finally cast down the remaining monsters besieging them, they tended their wounds and looted the bodies noting that they were were wearing the strange Bone Rings like the last group they came across and found a note where their Paladin ally used to be. He had been taken  and if they cared about him, they would leave the Banewarrens and await further instructions.

With that the group had a discussion as to what to do next, after some time and a bit of arguing they decided to take Geri to the Inverted Pyramid and report in the the Church of Lothian.

More was revealed to them of the Bone rings when they met Jevicca of the Inverted Pyramid and the Church was concerned about their Paladin but it would take time until they could find him.

With that the group retired to the Inn and discussed what to do, Lyari decided to ask the Innkeeper what the gossip was like in the city the following morning only to find creatures of unusual types had been seen in the Rivergate district, he remembered the Paladin at the start of their adventure had been doing some investigating round there and wondered if there was something more to it.

Just then a message was dropped onto their table, a message had been delivered to leave a sack of ten thousand gold coins behind a shop that night, the look on Taklinn's face said what the group thought of that development…..



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