Dragon King Legacy

Grok meets the Maw

Log 10

After their spending spree (or lack of one) they returned to comfort the wife of the dead elf and returned the belongings to her. Grok then went round to all those affected by the attacks to comfort them and to tell them their Kin will be avenged!

The group hung around town for a day while Lyari enticed an Owl in to be his familiar in the meantime, various bounties were told to the group and a treasure map was sold to them about some interesting caves.

The next day the group ventured into the woods plus an Owl. They hid while a party of Orges walked though the woods past them and eventually arrived at the first cave marked on the treasure map.

Everyone entered cautiously but no danger was apparent although the cave did stink, Taklinn entered the cave and immediately recognized the smell, it was Lion Urine, they were in a Lion's Den and they whirl around to find the Lion had pounced on Grok and was carving some very deep wounds into him. Taklinn jumped into the Lions face and started speaking to it!

After a bit of negotiation Taklinn convinced the Lion that Grok was an aquired taste and they they had better food to share and it would be in Lion's interest to help them. To the amazement of all (including Taklinn himself) the Lion agreed and followed them.

The group then proceeded to the next cave after fighting some Undead wolves with their new ally. The group were ambushed in the cave by ghouls and the group almost came to their end when the only people standing were Marcus & Ragnar which prevailed.

Taklinn also has a close call when a body on a slab grabbed and slowly leeched the life out of him while everyone pounded the thing.

The teasure caves were more really filled with danger than treasure but still they had a few things of value, they just needed to find some more….


Did you see any small burrowing mammals :)

Grok meets the Maw

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