Dragon King Legacy

Go Bananas for Bats!

Log 25

Just before the group set out an unlikely pair turned up, A Monk from the East and a Gorilla with a  large bat on its back. The group was even more surprised when the Bat started speaking to them.

The Bat was a druid by the name of Beorn and the Monk Kalam, which did not know each other despite arriving at the same time, they both were looking for adventure, upon hearing that the group were heading down to a place called the Banewarrens, that sounded that sounded good, so they joined up.

Back down in the Banewarrens the group decided to check out the door nearby that was open, finding a Wraith and a crystal which gave them more trouble than it was worth which Ragnar sorted out and shut the door afterwards with a stern look not to open it again.

The group then proceeded to the next chamber finding a massive empty cauldron and two vermin wights which did not last long against the group's might.

The group continued on to find a corridor lined with doors and then they were ambushed by a blue Troll!

They attacked in force doing what they thought was a large amount of damage but it seemed unconcerned and vanished before their eyes with sharp bang.

Warily they gazed around, wondering where it went….



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