Dragon King Legacy

Deeper into the Dark

Log 40

The Air elemental suddenly weakened and the group were able to rain blows down upon it and it blew out.

The group healed up and proceeded to the secret door Taklinn found during the fight, after a while they came to a room with silver runes inlayed around the doorways, it was otherwise clear, the room radiated magic though, Dench the pointman stuck his hand in, only to see it steam and sizzle, Ragnar walked into the room and onto the other side with no ill effects.

Not to be put out Dench kept his composure and said, 'I'll handle this', took a few steps back and sprinted across the gap…..as he cleared the first sets of rooms, his skin blackened and his wounds reopened. At the second set of runes, there was a mightly CRUNCH that everyone heard and to their shock Dencj keeled over…dead. Ragnar examined him, evidently Dench had found something which his body could not overcome.

Eventually the group discovered the room was affected by a Forbiddance spell and there was a password to bypass it, if only Dench had waited they thought…..

In the next room a Man appeared before them imploring them to go no further and to turn back lest they released what was kept within, before anyone could ask anything, the man faded.

The group knew to seal the Banewarrens for good, they needed the third piece of the staff and the sealing rod, both were within the deeper parts of the warrens.

They opened the door with the key, immediately they could all feel the evil seeped into the area beyond. Nonetheless they proceeded on taking a left at the stairs finding a room bare with a few turned over tables and a series of doors. From what knowledge they knew there was a chapel and a series of little vaults, there was also some nasty traps down here and with there pointman preserve in one of their bags of holding it would be wise to go carefully.

The door they picked led to the Chapel which from what they could see had been corrupted, a Man by the split altar turned and smiled at them and called for guards which turned out to be armed Wights. Taklinn stepped forth to turn them and the Wights cackled at his attempt, the Man spoke unholy words and shook Taklinn's faith in his god, the group rushed in to purge the evil….



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