Dragon King Legacy

Deep, Down, Underground

Log 23

The hole in the wall led to a tunnel which went up and down, left and right. Taklinn however noticed despite the tunnel path, they were slowing going down.

After about a couple of hours they came across a branch in the tunnels, there was a tunnel going to the left, after a little disscussion which way to go, they decided to investigate before taking the main tunnel, lest anything might sneak up on them if they ignored this tunnel.

Turning the bend they found themselves in a small cave system, recently dug out it would seem. Grok bold as brass strutted into the cave finding the pit trap the hard way. After the echos subsiding Taklinn jumped after him with a rope, the group thought Taklinn was crazy until they saw he floated down at the speed of a feather. At the bottom, Taklinn handed over the rope and Grok started the long climb up at which point sounds of combat were heard above.

The cave system it turned out had been made by an Umberhulk and it attacked them! The sight of it made Ragnar very twitchy and plunged his sword into Lyari's back!

Everyone was getting stuck in with Kielder taking the brunt of the attacks until Taklinn cast Entangle  and the group slowly started to disengage from it so that it could not attack anyone. Not that Ragnar cared, all he wanted was to carve out it's weird eyes, so fixated upon this course of action that he forgot the pit was in-between him and his quarry. The group thought the paladin was crazy when he charged face first into the pit.

Slowly but surely they pelted it with ranged weaponry before it finally fell and Ragnar came back to his senses.

Exploring further into the cave revealed a few dangerous areas of falling rocks and an Ochre Jelly which was fun to deal with until it ate Taklinn's Warhammer.

The group found some valuables and went back to the main tunnel.

After another half hour of walking, the group found the entrance to the prison, except they found a sack with clues that the prison was actually called the Banewarrens and the Umberhelk was not a random creature but one paid to dig the tunnel for someone else, who it was they could not tell, the place was magical but seeped in evil.

A half made sphere inside drew their attention, alongside a very impressive door with a few bodies of Goblins around it, proceeding on into the warrens, Taklinn met a Golem which burst around when it swung at Taklinn, which then exploded after Lyari prodded it, the Banewarrens looked interesting but what was further in, they continued on….



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