Dragon King Legacy

Deal with the Devil

Log 26

The Blue Troll failed to appear again and the group completed their search leaving one of the warded doors closed for now and used Legend Lore next to the big door.

'Wishes can pass this door for a time but a Key of Vladaam will unseal it for good'

Kalecerant had made it down there to guard the door and told the party when they were wondering what this Vladaam was, that Vladaam was a noble house of the city with questionable motives, while it had ties with numerous evil temples it was also well connected.

The party thanked him and made their way to the surface and went to have a chat with Jevicca of the Mage's Guild.

Jevicca revealed the history of the Banewarrens after learning of their exploits, she also details the bone rings they possessed were of a plane called the Quaan which was very hard to get to, she did not know what the rings did however other than whatever power they had would activate on that plane.

Vladdaam she knew a lot about, the family had dealings in questionable stuff, the Head of house was abroad looking for something called a Hungersword, the current representative was the daughter Navanna. If they wanted the key they could try two options.

1. Steal the key, she knew of someone that could help if they tried this.


2. Buy or negotiate for the key.

The group shopped around afterwards and discussed what to do at the Griffon. With Ragnar being present it was very unlikely they would try and steal the key so they would try the front door route.

The following day, the party called upon the noble house of Vladaam and were welcomed in, the household were very friendly although Ragnar was getting twitchy, everything he looked at was evil and he could not do a thing about it as it would violate his code of conduct. The host Navanna knew this and flirted with the Paladin, Ragnar thought she was cute until he realised she was a Tiefling!

There was some discussion and after a time Navanna agreed to sell the key for two thousand gold. The party looked at each other wondering if was worth it then made up their minds, they would buy the key when she offered that they could negotiate with sly smile.

With key in hand they politely gave their thanks and quickly departed lest the Paladin give way to killing at will, certainly on their way out she saw a number of Lycanthropes on the grounds and escorting them to the gate made him shiver, he kept to his Code and walked out with everyone.

They headed back to the Griffon, holding the key close and examining it should any kind of spell that could indicate they were being followed was present, there were none they could see but they did not feel safe all the same….



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