Dragon King Legacy

Close encounters of the Kobold Kind

Log 4

As soon as the clanging stopped there was a march of metal boots from the north corridor, quick as a flash Marcus utilized his bear trap and put it into the corridor, alas the trap was seen and was disarmed by a lucky throw of a sunrod.

8 Kobolds marched in looking like they meant business, alas the combat looked anything but, however the Kobolds did not like what Grok had to say to him and shot him a great wound which left him screaming on the floor.

The Kobolds mostly went down to friendly fire and Grok was patched up. Searching the room where they came from found nothing of interest apart from a gate which looked like a crude jail door, no-one could quite see what was inside except Grok who pulled them back and explained to them there was lots of Dire Rats in there.

The group were not sure what to do when Wilbury started to squeak to the rats! She negotiated them to run free and play a merry tune on her Flute as they went. The rats revealed the other corridor led up to a guard post.

With that knowledge they decided to setup an ambush and sent Marcus to lure them to them, while Marcus did get their attention and used the slippery ground to aid his retreat he was shot to the point of being unconscious, Ragnar brought him back around and Grok gave him some healing, but there was no sign of pursuit.

Heading up the corridor they came to a junction, Taklinn spotted some loose stones in one of the corridors and indicated that they should go this way first. Marcus took the lead and waved them to stay where they were, unfortunately his stealth was rather ruined when Kielder tried to throw the sunrod up the corridor and failed and then kicked it further, it bounced and clanged all the way up. Marcus advanced up the corridor only to pause when he could hear a rumbling that was getting closer, he quickly flung himself against the wall only for a boulder to come quickly past, he did the same again when a second came past and quickly waved the others up and made his way up.

He spotted the Kobolds same time as they spotted him and started shooting each other, Marcus yelled for help they was a lot of Kobolds up here, Taklinn, Ragnar, Grok & Wilbury charged in cutting down the first rank and getting stuck in, the Kobold were protecting a Kobold wizard of some sort as he fired Magic Missile into some of them from a wand and returning ranged fire pinged off some sort of magical defence. The fight was cut short however when Lyari shoved his hand between Ragnar and Taklinn and cast Colour Spray instantly felling the Kobolds and leaving the Kobold wizard vulnerable. The Wizard tried to finish them with Burning Hands but was killed by the group. The group rested up after finding a few items of interest.

The next day they scouted where the boulders had ended up finding themselves in what was a barracks, a new suit of armour was found and Ragnar strapped it on, the group then debated which corridor to try next.



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