Dragon King Legacy

Balls of light are not Dench's friends

Log 37

The group bought a few things before attending the church to see what they had been up to, it turned out the Church had discovered these Banewarrens had something of value to them and had put  together a team to this end and informed the group that they would be venturing forth down there and might lend them aid if they were to do so in kind. The group had mixed feeling with a second group in there with them and decided to visit the Inverted Pyramid before getting into the Banewarrens before the Lothians did!

The trip was worth it as Geri had told the guild a lot of things which was passed on, with information in hand they proceeded in.

Initial entry was easy and nothing had changed until they found the floor wet, fearing something had been set loose they tracked back the water to its source, two giant octopi and a werewolf lay in a partially flooded room they had been in, looking at the werewolf brought back memories of house Vlaadaam, were they here as well? No sign of them they could see so they continued on, bypassing a barrier with the information gain from the guild and proceeded onwards, at each door they looked at the information given to them which told of what was behind each one. Dench was tempted to open them but the presence of a Paladin stayed his hand….for now anyway.

They came to a room, the information they had said there was guardian in this room but it did not say what it was. Dench confident of locating traps took the lead and made up the steps leading to the next area. As soon as he took one step, a ball of light appeared and zapped him with a bolt of lightning! Dench;s hair stood on end and with such speed that the group was unaware of, he jumped off the stairs and rolled under them.

Aside from this the Ball of light was popped soon after wards and Dench came out, cockiness gone for good? We'll see next time.



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