Dragon King Legacy

A little trouble in Rivergate

Log 31

After a bit more discussion the group sought out the magic shop and searched through the things there and bought what looked useful before continuing on to see Jevicca which said Geri was very useful and gave them a magic item of their choice. Jevicca said that the Inverted Pyramid should have a lot of information in a few days time until then, could you see what the Lothians are up to, they seem to be preparing their own team to descend into the Banewarrens.

The Church of Lothian confirmed this byt in a few days time, however in the meantime they were trying to track down their lost Paladin to no avail.

The group then had some inspiration, Kalecerant had been in the Rivergate area at the beginning of their adventure could it be possible he was their held against his will?

The group entered the district and asked around get a lot of information from an Innkeeper and a lot less from a Tom Cat (Its a long story which involves a river).

They reached the church and met a Halfling lying through his teeth about why the church was not in use until Ragnar jumped on him, some thugs came out to teach the group some manners until Beorn cast Flame Strike upon them and they were ash afterwards.

Interrogating the Halfling revealed the Pactlords were operating from here and a portal to their domain was at the top of the tower. With that they made their way to the stairs….



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