Dragon King Legacy

A Damsel in Distress

Log 50

The group was throwing everything they had left at the demon only for spells to bounce of while being flayed by chains.

The Demon grinned and the bridge unraveled sending Ragnar & Taklinn to plunge into the pit, while Kalam grabbed a chain, grimaced and fought on.

At this stage Khaine was trying fire spell after spell into the apparent spell immune demon, such was his focus he didn't realise the state of his wounds until he fell down dead from being flayed by dancing chains.

Kalam eventually managed to overcome the demon and sent it into the pit dead.

The group retrieved Khaine and placed him in the bag of holding and looted what was on the demon (while the Paladin was not looking).

The group rested after their ordeal, although Lyari did take a look at the next level which showed signs of an ancient battle.

They decided to descend so that they could recoup and go back the the city to re-supply (the generator was still active of this level making trips to the outside impossible.

Taklinn was pushed off the edge for a bit of fun as the group knew he had a ring of Feather Fall and waited for him to give the 'A ok' on the Golem level.

He did not see a Golem as he floated onto the bridge but almost jumped out of his beard when a young lady behind said hello.

She had been with someone when they adventured into the prison looking for wealth when they were attacked by werewolves. Taklinn ran a few spells over her but nothing seemed to be odd about her, when the rest of the group turned up. Ragnar gave her the once over and found nothing but did notice something behind her and went to investigate.

Suddenly the group were ambushed! The Lady became a spider another spider appeared next to Lyari and a Lizardfolk, Bugbear & Attacth came out of the Vrock's door.

While the group were locked in battle felling many of the enemies, Taklinn spotted the thing he was dreading to see, attracted by the sounds of battle, the golem!

Taklinn shouted a warning but only Lyari heeded it, getting into position to hit it with his prepared, Seek the Soulless, would the group survive the encounter?



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