Dragon King Legacy

A Brush with Death

Log 11

Wilbury & Kielder rushed into cave just as Lyari finished off the undead thing trying to kill Taklinn. While Taklinn recovered and mourned over his Holy ale being used up Marcus scouted the rest of the room and made sure the remaining corpses in the room were of no further threat.

The grouped moved on finding a room partway up the stream in the cave and vaporized a bed with a Ghast hiding behind it, the group plundered the room and made their way to the final cave.

Ragnar's evil sense started tingling as they approached the cave, so the group decided to rest up a little distance away from the cave, nothing disturbed their rest apart from sounds of battle a ways away from them.

The next day they proceeded into the cave with their Lion ally, they found a suit a magical chainmail in a pool that took them a while to fish out and a Dire Rats nest which Wilbury had a chat with. The rats revealed that there was two areas which they had been to, one tasted bad and the other smelt bad.

Marcus had snuck off down a corridor in the cave and found a sarcophagus, thinking this was beyond him, he double back.

Lyari had found some interesting stonework although the wall was interesting, his Owl familiar pointed out a hatch at his feet which he had somehow missed. The hatch was rusted and was eventually opened, setting off a trap that Marcus had failed to find.

Descending the ladder attached to the wall the group descended into a dusty corridor, Ragnar could sense evil up ahead but could not pinpoint where it was but upon advancing cautiously they saw in the middle of a room up ahead a sarcophagus.

Marcus was not happy it being there but flicked a stone at it and waited, but nothing happened, Marcus waving for the rest of the group to follow advanced into the room only to dodge to one side as a Mummy lunged at him from the shadows next to the doorway.

Everyone paled at this development, they knew how dangerous Mummies were except Grok which thought they were just an old monster wearing wallpaper and charged in. The fight was intense and while blows were exchanged it was the Mummy striking Grok causing him to stumble that really got the attention of everyone. The Mummy was slain soon after but the damage was done, Taklinn & Ragnar examined the wound and told everyone the worst had happened, Grok had Mummy Rot.

They had potions that could cure him from a normal disease but not like this kind, the group decided (after robbing the sarcophagus) to get back to the town and seek a break curse spell, Grok did not look good by the time they reached the town his frame was wasted and his mood suicidal.

Fortunately the required items were found and they cured Grok just in time, the grouped decided to stay for a few days selling what they had acquired and claiming the bounties they had while Grok recovered. They wanted to go back to the cave, but prepared this time.



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