Welcome to the campaign. The group has been playing through the campaigns: Urkallan Hills of Mystery, Howl of the Wolf, Close Encounters of the Polar Kind and now are on Menace of the Obsidian Pillar.

Each campaign is a choice made by the group from a selection of 2 – 4 options some of them are obvious choice, others not so much as being a little subtle. So far we have had no deaths although a many have gone unconcious, received a fair battering and all have had a 'simulated' death by the Snazzy Mek-Boss of Custard..

Markus has been renamed to Mungo and is deciding what to do next

Kielder is looking to be a Order of the Bow Initiate but staying as a Ranger for the moment.

Wilbury has now retired (to re-surface in another D&D game)

Grok has taken a Cleric of St Cuthbert and is looking to be a Sacred Fist, although the way he fights, it should be Sacred Head..

Ragnar is looking to be a Shining Blade of Heironious but is a little way off yet.

Lyari has become a Starlight Mage and now glows with inner stars..

Taklinn has taken Barbarian and looking to be a War Priest soon but is expanding his Obad-Hai Cleric for now.


Currently the Group stands at Level 6.


This campaign I am hoping will last until the start of the high levels, (12 – 15) but we will see how we go.

I will post chars sheets in due course since I have access to them now. They will be level 6, I may update them if I have time unless the players wish to do it themselves. (Turns out I have been a bit busy, chars sheets are still coming but will be delayed)

Menace of the Obsidian Pillar

Close up of glassy obsidian at obsidian cliff  rg johnsson  1964  volcanics jpawley92 denisewilson74