Welcome to the campaign. The group has been playing through the campaigns: Urkallan Hills of Mystery, Howl of the Wolf, Close Encounters of the Polar Kind and now are on Menace of the Obsidian Pillar.

Each campaign is a choice made by the group from a selection of 2 – 4 options some of them are obvious choice, others not so much as being a little subtle. So far we have had no deaths although a many have gone unconcious, received a fair battering and all have had a 'simulated' death by the Snazzy Mek-Boss of Custard..

Markus has been renamed to Mungo and is deciding what to do next

Kielder is looking to be a Order of the Bow Initiate but staying as a Ranger for the moment.

Wilbury has now retired (to re-surface in another D&D game)

Grok has retired after learning that jumping into combat alone is not the smartest move….

Ragnar is looking to be a Shining Blade of Heironious but is a little way off yet.

Lyari has become a Starlight Mage and now glows with inner stars..

Taklinn has taken Barbarian and looking to be a War Priest soon but is expanding his Obad-Hai Cleric for now.

Kalam and Fighter/Monk/Sholan Monk has joined them in thier quest to seal the Banewarrens.

Beorn the Druid but almost constantly in bat form with a large Orang-utan has also joined them to rid the un-natural blight that lurks in this tainted place.


Currently the Group stands at Level 6.


This campaign I am hoping will last until the start of the high levels, (12 – 15) but we will see how we go.

Chars sheet are up, only the basic of the characters are on, if the players wish to update them, they may. Just join Obsidian Portal and request to join with who you are and i'll assign characters and animal companions accordingly

Dragon King Legacy

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