Welcome to the campaign. The group has been playing through the campaigns: Urkallan Hills of Mystery, Howl of the Wolf and are now on Close Encounters of the Polar Kind.

Each campaign is a choice made by the group from a selection of 2 – 4 options some of them are obvious choice, others not so much as being a little subtle. So far we have had no deaths although a recent battle with a Mummy and a Lich brought 3 members of the group close (but not quite) to death. The groups have now started to branch out into alternate roles or to specialize.

Markus has taken Wizard and is thinking of picking up Shadowsworn.

Kielder is looking to be a Order of the Bow Initiate.

Wilbury is sticking with Bard for now (using the alternate Bard version from the Sword & Sourcery world).

Grok has taken a Cleric of St Cuthbert and is looking to be a Sacred Fist.

Ragnar is looking to be a Shining Blade of Heironious.

Lyari is advancing toward being a Starlight Mage.

Taklinn has taken Barbarian and looking to be a War Priest soon.


Currently the Group stands at Level 4.


This campaign I am hoping will last until the start of the high levels, (12 – 15) but we will see how we go.


Close Encounters of the Polar Kind

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